Reviews and Testimonials from clients about Laugh yourself happy sessions and services

“A 94 year old client was feeling particularly miserable with life, so I held a mini laughter session with her and told her of its benefits. We were soon laughing away and she told me she is now going to laugh every day, even if it’s on her own as she knows it will get the endorphins going!  So she was miserable when I got there and laughing when I left!  Can’t be bad can it!
All the best for your success with your fabulous therapy! “

” Its given me a new way to have fun with my grandson “

” I came to watch when I heard the laughing and could not stop myself smiling “

“Thank you for your email.  Everyone enjoyed your session last night, and three of the men said it was the best meeting we have ever had!!!  Praise indeed.

Anyway, it was a lovely change and cheered everybody up.  Thank you, and your colleague, for joining us and making us happy.”